CFSC/CRFSC Pre-Registration – BC course locations ONLY!


Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, for the safety of our staff and students, Silvercore Training has postponed all in person courses.  
The demand for the CFSC/CRFSC course is at an unprecedented level, the likes of we have never seen before.  We have closed off registration in our existing course schedule at this time in order to maintain order, and to simplify our registration process for the time being.  
This pre-registration list for the CFSC/CRFSC course at Silvercore will allow you to book and secure your spot in an upcoming course now.  Once it is safe for our staff and students, and we are permitted by health authorities to once again commence classes, we will contact the pre-registration list in the order that they have registered.  We will continue to offer the courses in the locations listed on our website as options, with weekday, weekend and evening classes for you to choose whichever location and dates work best for your schedule. Courses will be scheduled at our existing BC locations.  NOTE: We do not run in person CFSC/CRFSC courses outside of BC.
We will be including our online CFSC/CRFSC course for free with your purchase of the Pre-registration.  This will allow you to study while we are all social distancing, and help prepare yourself for the course.  As we will be providing the online course as a free add-on, it will not come with a free retest.
Your pre-registration for the CFSC/CRFSC course is non-refundable and your training will commence as soon as practicable.   Please understand that this is not a waitlist for courses, but pre-registration. 



  • You will require a high speed internet connection and a device capable to accessing the online training site. FireFox or Chrome Browsers are recommended as they are easy to install and have the modern features required to run the online multimedia materials.


  • Computer, tablet, or mobile device to access the online CFSC/CRFSC program for pre-study


Q: What happens once I signup for the Pre-registration?

After completing your order for Pre-registration, our system will send out a confirmation email with a coupon.

This coupon is considered to be your voucher and your confirmation of being set into the queue.  All you need to do now is wait.

Take this extra time to review the Online Firearms Safety Course which we’ve provided free access to via ‘My Online Courses

Q: How will I know when courses are being held again?

Silvercore will be contacting students in order of which their pre-registration was placed in order to set them up in a class with a date and location which best suites their needs. We will contact students via phone followed by an email.

Q: Will any of my course hours towards the online program count towards my in-person course?

No. The Canadian Firearms Program, CFP, and RCMP require a certain number of in-person hours of training for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CFSC/CRFSC) in order to complete examinations and apply for a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL).

Q: Can I complete my Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) Exams online?

No. These must be done in-person with a certified CFSC/CRFSC Instructor and in conjunction with in-person classroom training hours.

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Student Testimonials

“Absolutely terrific and professional!!”
- Don
“Awesome course, awesome instructor, taught me everything I needed to know for the testing.”
- Gobind
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