Rifle 1 – Marksmanship Fundamentals (RF1)


New to rifle shooting? Bought yourself a brand new rifle and got the scope installed, but not sure where to go from there? Silvercore's Rifle 1 - Marksmanship Fundamentals course is a one-day range class designed to teach novices the basics of rifle set up, manipulations and marksmanship. All course material will be taught in a no-nonsense manner, demystifying the art of distance shooting for hunting, target practice, competition or work.  

 Topics covered include

  • Demystifying precision shooting
  • Operation of bolt action and semi-automatic distance rifles
  • Sighting in (zeroing)
  • Ammunition selection
  • Principles of rifle marksmanship
  • Shooting positions (bench, standing, kneeling, sitting, prone)
  • Dealing with Malfunctions
  • Discussion on cleaning and maintenance
  • Sling work and deployment
  • And more

Course fee

  • $470 + tax  (includes online preparation course)


  • Personal Protective Equipment (Eye & Ear)
  • Ball Cap Recommended
  • Clothing: Dress for the weather conditions. Supporting shoe with good traction. Shirt/Jacket should be form-fitting at torso and cuffs as to not snag the equipment. No loose collars as stray brass can get stuck down your shirt. Pants should allow ample movement.
  • A packed lunch.

Silvercore's training is approved and recognized through HRDC

Anyone over the age of 16 who takes a course with Silvercore which either enables them to work or improves their skills in a recognized occupation may be eligible to claim their course fees under the education and textbook tax credits. Contact us for your T2022A tax form and check out Canada Revenue for further information.

Driven by experience 

Silvercore’s instructors have extensive experience in outdoor training, law enforcement, security, military and competitive shooting to better help you achieve your goals. Our instructors are members of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and hold active certifications through various police agencies. 


For more information and to be placed on a waiting list for this class, please contact our office today!

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Upcoming Events, Dates & Locations

Booking Course Time Location Type Class ID
Rifle 1 – Marksmanship Fundamentals (RF1)
  • Apr 30 (Sun) 09:00 - 15:00
Chilliwack Fish & Game Protective Assn
Range (Live Fire) Class ID:
Rifle 1 – Marksmanship Fundamentals (RF1)
  • May 28 (Sun) 09:00 - 15:00
Thompson Mountain Sportsmen Association
Range (Live Fire) Class ID:

Student Testimonials

“Absolutely terrific and professional!!”
- Don
“Awesome course, awesome instructor, taught me everything I needed to know for the testing.”
- Gobind
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