This course covers the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship in a fun and progressive manner. Designed with both novices and semi-experienced shooters in mind, you’ll learn how to safely load, shoot and maintain semi-automatic pistols and achieve a higher level of accuracy. To provide you with the highest level of attention, we limit class size to a maximum of 6 students per instructor.

Prior to attendance of this course you will receive an online pre-course study to allow you to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of marksmanship from the comfort of your own home.  You will then be able put all of your shooting techniques into practice at the range during the course.

What you'll receive

  • Online course content to prepare you for a day on the range
  • Safety rules and range procedures.
  • Responsible gun ownership.
  • Principles of marksmanship.
  • Live fire exercises (gun range).
  • Dealing with malfunctions.
  • Target analysis.
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance.
  • Fun competitions and much more.

Equipment & Ammunition

Please note that neither firearm rentals nor ammunition are provided for any live fire courses and students will be required to bring their own equipment.

Course fee

  • Only $470 CAD + tax

Gift Certificate

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Silvercore is approved and recognized by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Anyone over the age of 16 who takes a course with Silvercore which either enables them to work or improves their skills in a recognized occupation may be eligible to claim their course fees under the education and textbook tax credits. Contact us for your T2022A tax form and check out Canada Revenue for further information.

Experience driven

Silvercore's instructor cadre has extensive experience in the outdoor industry,  law enforcement, security, military and/or competitive shooting to better help you achieve your goals. Our instructors are members of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and hold active certifications through various police agencies.

Whether you're interested in recreational target shooting, competition or career advancement, Handgun 1 will give you a solid foundation for success!

Register Now


  • A valid Restricted PAL- PAL # must be provided when registering.
    (Exceptions may be made for active Law Enforcement Officers, please contact our office for details)
  • Completion of online training program – this provides you with the theory knowledge prior to attendance of in-person range training (access provided upon registration of course)



  • Semi-automatic handgun (no revolvers).
  • 2 magazines (or more, helps reduce reloading time)


  • Minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition.
  • Copper full metal jacketed (FMJ) is acceptable.
  • Not permitted: .22cal or Rim fire ammunition, Magnum calibers (e.g. .357 mag, +P ammo) or steel jacketed ammunition.


  • Wraparound shooting glasses, ball cap and hearing protection.
  • Closed toe shoes that allow rapid moving and turning.
  • Clothing: Shirt should be form fitting at torso and cuffs as to not snag the equipment.
    No loose collars as stray brass can get stuck down your shirt.
  • Long pants, allowing easy movement.

Please note that neither firearm rentals nor ammunition are provided for any live fire courses and students will be required to bring their own equipment.

Upcoming Events, Dates & Locations

Booking Course Time Location Type Class ID
Handgun Fundamentals
  • Jan 16 (Sun) 08:00 - 15:30
Langley Rod & Gun Club
Range (Live Fire) Class ID:

Student Testimonials

“Excellent Instructors. Safety, safety, safety...Great for my confidence. Excellent overall. Much more able and confident then when I arrived!”
- Chris
“Always enjoy Silvercore courses. The Instructor was great with a very good ability to make the material mean something in real a world situation. Kept things light and entertaining while being informative.”
- George
“Course was great! The Instructors were awesome and made the course easy and fun. Learned a lot and will definitely be back.”
- Jack
“Great course and Instructors!!! Great course theory and practicum!! Awesome shooting targets!!!”
- Manny
“Awesome! looking forward to level 2 & 3”
- Weiming
“Thank you for an amazing weekend! Loved using the most amazing handgun in the world!”
- Andrea
“My wife and I just completed the handgun 1 course this past weekend. We both really enjoyed it and were truly impressed at how much our aim and confidence improved after only a few hours of class time. As with all the Silvercore courses we've taken the instructors were confident, professional and supportive. We're really looking forward to our H2 class in April. Thanks!”
- Richard
“I liked the instructors a lot for this course! They push the fundamentals but don't make it boring. Their constant attention helped improved my skill and knowledge. ”
- Marshall
“The HG1 course was well taught and the amount of material was perfect for an entry level Handgun course. I really liked the focus on the fundamentals as this has given me a solid foundation to learn from. ”
- Jordan
“Great course! It really helped me nail the basics of handgun marksmanship. The instructors were fantastic!”
- Brayden
“Great instructors. It was good to be challenged and learn new techniques. ”
- Dan
“Great course presentation. Gives anyone the good fundamental foundational skills needed for safe and effective handgun shooting. Have taken Silvercore courses in the past and this one is right at the top and always top notch. Will come back! ”
- Tim
“I must admit that I was nervous heading into the course for a number of reasons but must say that before lunch break on day 1 all of my concerns were gone. Darren and Corbin worked well together and really drove home the important points in a serious fashion but also managed to keep it upbeat and fun. I am going to pass on my positive experience to many. Look forward to Handgun 2. Thanks again”
- Mike
“The instructors did a really professional and masterful job! They made the class very comfortable for those who have never fired a firearms before. Kudos to them and the Silvercore team. Thank you very much! ”
- Sheldon
“Awesome experience. Both instructors were great. Loved it. ”
- Mary-Annewise
“Great course. The instructor was super professional and a lot of fun. Appreciated having such a skilled and experienced instructor. ”
- Tyler
“Excellent course and great instructor. Nothing to be improved on! Can't wait to take Handgun 2 & 3! ”
- Ian
“Teaches you all about firearms safety. By the end of the two day course you will leave with confidence. The instructors are fantastic. Helpful, knowledgeable and professional! The best! ”
- Valerie
“Excellent course! Content and instructor. ”
- Diane
“ I want to thank you for a great two day Handgun level #1 course. As an owner and President of two companies, I know feedback is very important. The quality of instruction and level enthusiasm was excellent. I would like take more courses from you and recommend to anyone. Thank You”
- Cameron
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