CORE Hunter Education Course Challenge Practical Examination


The option to challenge the CORE Hunter Education exams is available for those with a history of safe and responsible firearms handling, combined with the knowledge of all CORE course material. A written examination as well as practical examination is required to be able to obtain your Fish & Wildlife ID (FWID).

If you've signed up for the CORE Hunter Education Course Challenge and have not completed your Canadian Firearms Safety Course and passed the practical examination, you will not be able to be exempted from the practical examination of the CORE challenge and will be required to complete the practical component of the CORE Hunter Eduction Course Challenge. In order to be exempted, you must bring your CFSC course reports to your challenge; without these you will be required to complete the practical examination. A PAL is not valid proof of completion and will not be accepted in place of CFSC course reports.

Please make sure you have signed up for the CORE Hunter Education Course Challenge for the Written Exam as well as that is required prior to completing your practical.

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  • CORE Hunter Education Course Challenge- Written Examination
  • Must be age 10 or older to complete CORE Challenge examination.

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