This federally recognized certification course is required to obtain your Authorization to Carry (ATC)  to work in the Canadian armoured car industry. Every applicant wishing to attend this course is required to provide a letter from an approved armoured car company, authorizing their attendance.

This course covers

  • The Law on Firearms
  • The Law on Use of Force
  • Use of Force Model
  • Tactical Communications
  • Mental Conditioning
  • Threat Assessment
  • Revolver Training
  • Empty Hand Defence
  • Handgun Retention
  • Tactical Considerations
  • Scenario Training

Optional topics

In addition to the above stated mandatory components, Silvercore also offers optional training modules for:

  • Semi-automatic pistols
  • Duty shotguns
  • Tactical decision making on a Laser Training Simulator
  • Scenario-based training
  • Advanced empty hand defence and handgun retention techniques.

Course fee

Silvercore's training is approved and recognized through HRDC

Anyone over the age of 16 who takes a course with Silvercore which either enables them to work or improves their skills in a recognized occupation may be eligible to claim their course fees under the education and textbook tax credits. Contact us for your T2022A tax form and check out Canada Revenue for further information

Driven by experience 

Silvercore’s instructors have extensive experience in outdoor training, law enforcement, security, military and competitive shooting to better help you achieve your goals. Our instructors are members of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and hold active certifications through various police agencies. 

Group courses for businesses

Companies wishing to have Silvercore train their employees are encouraged to contact our office directly. Silvercore is capable of sending its instructors to your location to help reduce cost and down time. For more information, please visit our corporate page.

When safety and performance are paramount ©

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  • “Intention to Hire” from a licensed armoured car company.
  • Letter from a medical professional if you have a pre-existing medical concern.
  • A valid Restricted PAL – PAL number must be provided when registering.
    (Exceptions may be made for active Law Enforcement Officers, please contact our office for details)



  • Duty handgun
  • Minimum of 2 magazine pouches
  • 3 or more handgun magazines
  • Rigid, sturdy gun belt (regular belts are NOT suitable)
  • Belt mounted retention holster (Kydex or leather)
    Not suitable (unless required by employer): trigger finger-release or Serpa-style holsters, inside-the-waistband holsters, any cross-draw style holsters.


  • Minimum 500 rounds ammo
  • Not permitted: .22cal or Rim fire ammunition, Magnum calibers (e.g. .357 mag, +P ammo) or steel jacketed ammunition.
  • Copper full metal jacketed (FMJ) bullets are acceptable.


  • Supporting shoe with good traction
  • Baseball cap
  • Shirt / jacket should be form fitting at torso and cuffs as to not snag the equipment.
  • No loose collars as stray brass can get stuck down your shirt.
  • Pants should allow ample movement.
  • Closed toe shoes that allow rapid moving and turning

Personal safety equipment

  • Quality wraparound shooting glasses (mandatory)
  • Hearing protection. (mandatory)
  • Duty body armour

Other gear

  • Duty flashlight
  • Any required personal safety equipment (knee pads, wrist brace, etc.)
  • Any medication as required (inhaler, epi pen, etc.)

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Student Testimonials

“Absolutely terrific and professional!!”
- Don
“Awesome course, awesome instructor, taught me everything I needed to know for the testing.”
- Gobind
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