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What is TMR?

Silvercore has used its 20 years of experience to develop an online training management platform to allow others to benefit from this knowledge and focus on growing and improving their businesses. You’re probably not an accountant, bookkeeper, and administrator in addition to being an instructor –  TMR was created to automate much of the administration of a training facility so you can focus on educating your students and growing your business.

In addition to providing a powerful site full of functionality, TMR has the potential to increase revenue for TMR users through the resale of Silvercore online courses and Silvercore Club memberships. Users will have the ability to resell Silvercore’s proprietary online courses or create their own through TMR.  

Without having to do anything, you will receive 50% of all revenue generated through the resale of  Silvercore proprietary online courses!

TMR users can customize their site to reflect their particular branding through colour scheme, images, and basic design. Already have a website, but want to take advantage of all of the management resources and earn money from reselling online courses and memberships? No problem, you can still automate emails, sell products, book courses, resell Silvercore online courses, and take advantage of all of the TMR features by simply linking from your existing website.

TMR users are also able to sell the Silvercore Gun Club memberships on their website.  Selling memberships for the Silvercore Gun Club allows companies to ensure their students comply with RCMP requirements immediately after they take their PAL, with no wait times that are often associated with other gun club memberships.  This includes liability insurance and discounts for your students at all participating retail locations.

Stop stressing about managing your clients, and waiting to get paid and start doing what you truly love!

 Silvercore TMR will reduce the stress of administrating your business, streamline revenue generation, introduce passive income, automate the management process of your students learning experience and increase the education and awareness of your students.

Silvercore TMR allows your clients to have instant access to their learning material, allowing them to come to your in-person class or course challenge set up for success and more knowledgeable than ever before.

Greater access to online in addition to in-person courses, leads to greater content retention for students and increased geographical sales potential for TMR users.

Why is TMR for you?

  1. Creates an immediate online presence that is easily accessible and attractive
  2. Passive revenue generation through online course sales and reselling Silvercore Club memberships
  3. Low monthly fees to operate
  4. Automation of administration – registration, calendar and email communication all integrated into your TMR website
  5. It’s customizable – add your own courses, images and colour scheme to your site to make it your own
  6. Online store and blog to build your brand and increase revenue
  7. Customers can instantly book and pay for their courses through your  TMR website 
  8. Easily accessible website metrics and reports so you can see and measure sales
  9. TMR users have the ability to sell Silvercore Gun Club memberships on their website
  10. Brings together a community of instructors with like-minded goals 

The Goal of TMR is to make the management aspect of training more accessible, creating a community of users who can benefit from each other. Silvercore provides an online solution that businesses, individuals, and organizations can use to accept payment online for courses or products, manage memberships, send automatic confirmation emails, and create and implement online courses with revenue sharing. TMR will result in a considerable increase in efficiency for companies, ultimately increasing their bottom line and allowing them to work on different projects!

So how does your organization currently manage training? Join the TMR Platform community and elevate the way you train.

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Student Testimonials

“Absolutely terrific and professional!!”
- Don
“Awesome course, awesome instructor, taught me everything I needed to know for the testing.”
- Gobind
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