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July 27, 2021

Silvercore Podcast Ep. 55: Warrior Mindset with ERT/SWAT Team Leader (ret.) Seb Lavoie

Driven, passionate, professional and insightful. Recently retired Emergency Response Team Leader Sgt. Major Seb Lavoie talks with Travis Bader about what it takes to live an extraordinary and meaningful life, and what it takes to …

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Blog Post

July 22, 2021

Silvercore Article Summary

Have you ever been on a website that has so many articles that it’s difficult to know if there is an article written on a specific topic you’re looking for? This summary was created to …

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Information & Education | Regulations

July 15, 2021

Bill C-71 and Changes to Your ATT

Bill C-71 was first introduced on March 20 2018 in the House of Commons as an Act to amend certain Acts and regulations in relation to firearms. We briefly touched on Bill C-71 when discussing …

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The Silvercore Podcast

July 13, 2021

Silvercore Podcast Ep. 54: Hunting Calibre and Cartridge Selection 101

After being asked countless times, “what’s the best calibre for hunting”, or “how powerful of a cartridge do I need” or any variation thereof, we decided to take some time to discuss this in detail. …

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Podcast Show Notes

Podcast Show Notes Ep. 54: Hunting Calibre and Cartridge Selection 101

Date: July 13 2021Episode: 54Title: Hunting Calibre and Cartridge Selection 101Guest(s): Paul BallardShow Link: Watch YouTube Video Here or Listen to the Podcast Here.Blog Link: You can find our Blog post for this Episode Here

Brief Summary of …

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Information & Education

Calibre and Cartridge Selection

This blog post is designed to be read and used as supplemental to the Silvercore Podcast Ep. 54 which covers ballistics, calibre and cartridges for new hunters.

Paul Ballard and I spent some time …

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Information & Education | Regulations

July 5, 2021

Federal Firearms Buy-Back Program Estimated Cost Report

On May 1 2020 the Canadian Liberal Government announced an Order In Council (OIC) firearms prohibition. As part of this order the Government implemented an amnesty period (ending April 30 2022) to allow legal firearms …

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Blog Post | Information & Education | Safety

June 29, 2021

Will YOUR bear spray work when you need it?

Recently the Government of Canada has issued a recall on bear spray due to the canisters not functioning properly when individuals need to use them for bear protection.

So far there are 4 various bear …

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