June 29, 2022

Silvercore Podcast 75: BC Limited Entry Hunting (LEH) Masterclass

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Increase your odds of being drawn, and of having a successful hunt by better understanding BC’s Limited Entry Hunting in this LEH masterclass.

  • How do enhanced odds work?
  • When will the LEH be announced or drawn?
  • How do group hunts differ from shared hunts?
  • When is a possession limit considered reset?
  • How are draws determined What should you be considering before choosing your draw? And so much more…

Travis Bader is joined by BC’s Data Licensing Unit Head Sarah McKinnon, and Policy and Regulation Analyst Stephen MacIver as they delve into the inner workings of BC’s LEH and answer questions posed by Silvercore Club members. British Columbia is unique in its massive biodiversity and recognizes the need to involve the public and interested stakeholders in effective management.

There will always be contrary opinions on best practices, but one underlying sentiment that shines through in this episode is the level of care that all parties have in the sustainable management of wildlife.

If you are outside of BC, after listening we would love to hear how wildlife management works in your area? Are there things BC could be doing differently with greater success? What works for you and what would BC residents like to see changed? It’s this sharing of knowledge that enhances wildlife management for the betterment of all, so please let us know in the comments section.


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