April 19, 2021

Are you eligible for Credits from your Courses?

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Did you know that you may be eligible to obtain tax credits when you take training with Silvercore?

Silvercore is approved educational institution recognized by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Accordingly, students may claim the fees paid towards Silvercore for the purposes of tuition tax credit provided that all other requirements for the claim are met.

Additionally, students must have attained the age of 16 before the end of the year, and the courses and/or programs supplied must provide the students with sufficient skills to enable them to work or improve their skills in a recognized occupation. 

Any tax credits are the students responsibility to sort out and assistance from an accountant may be required.  Silvercore and its representatives make no guarantee of any credit and are not responsible for any fees incurred, nor make any money back guarantee.

Contact us for your T2022 tax form and check Canada Revenue for further clarification and the most-up-to-date information.

Some of the courses which qualify include:

  • Canadian Firearms Safety Course and Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CFSC/CRFSC) to obtain your Non-Restricted and Restricted firearms Licence, commonly known as a PAL.
  • CORE Hunter Education Course to obtain your hunting licence, commonly known as a FWID (Fish & Wildlife ID).
  • Bear Defence – a great course for those who work in parks or forestry and may experience bear encounters.
  • Handgun Fundamentals – a great place to begin if you are looking to improve your skills in handling a handgun.
  • Handgun Intermediate – with this course you’ll learn how to safely use a handgun holster for sports shooting, competition, or work; you’ll learn to draw and re-holster a pistol safely, perform tactical emergency, speed reloads, clear stoppages and malfunctions, as well as learn about cover and concealment and what they’re used for.
  • Handgun Professional / Dynamic – popular with recreationalists and professionals wishing to prepare themselves for competition, with work pistol re-qualifications and with those looking to start a career as an armed professional.
  • Armoured Car Guard – to obtain your Authorization to Carry (ATC) to work in the Canadian armoured car industry.
  • Wilderness Authorization to Carry (WATC) – to obtain authorization for handgun protection from predators in the wilderness for those working in the field with possible predacious encounters.

If you don’t qualify for the T2022 tax credit, you may be eligible to have your course fees reimbursed from Veteran Affairs Canada if you were active in the Canadian Armed Forces. Veteran Affairs Canada’s vocational rehabilitation program will work with you to help you get back into the workforce. To learn more about this program, find out if you qualify, or how to apply, visit their website here.

If you are a member of IATSE Local 891 you may be eligible for 50% reimbursement from the organization upon successful completion of the CFSC/CRFSC course. It’s recommended that you verify with IATSE that this course meets their requirements to be eligible for reimbursement. Silvercore and its representatives make no guarantee of any reimbursement and are not responsible for any fees incurred, nor make any money back guarantee.

As a CLAC (Christian Labour Association of Canada) member, you may be covered for all or part of your training for your CFSC/CRFSC. Check your collective agreement by logging in to myCLAC, or call your training team. Silvercore and its representatives make no guarantee of any reimbursement and are not responsible for any fees incurred, nor make any money back guarantee.

The benefits of training with Silvercore don’t end there, did you know that many of our courses can be used for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits. Silvercore is recognized by the Law Society of B.C. This means Lawyers that are practicing in B.C. and take a Silvercore course may be eligible to receive CPD Credits for our recognized courses. To learn which courses are eligible for credits through the Law Society visit their website here.


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