November 23, 2020

Silvercore Podcasts Summary

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The Silvercore Podcast

Ep.1 What’s Old Is New, Two Hillbillies From Chilliwack
Topics: Becoming a firearms instructors, reducing stress when shooting, men vs. women learning to shoot, civilian vs. police training, US vs Canadian firearms training, doctrine of recency & doctrine of distance, Jeff Cooper, Jelly Bryce, Marty Hayes.

Ep.2 We Aren’t Making Barrels In Our Basement
Topics: High-end precision barrel manufacturer International Barrels (IBI), how IBI sets itself apart from competitors, getting into precision marksmanship, what it takes to win, strategies used by Ryan Steacy.

Ep.3 The Man Who Refused to Wear Pants
Topics: Getting into the shooting sports, competing, dry fire practice, involvement in the Canadian Firearms Safety Course program and consulting work. Getting from point A to point B in a more effective route. Black Badge program and keeping up with changing technologies. 8yr in a row national champion, mental marksmanship, checking the scoreboard and keeping up with new shooters. The future of IPSC, getting more people involved in shooting sport, politics as they relate to firearms and sharing knowledge

Ep.4 Now You See Me, Now You Don’t
Topics: Background of HyperStealth, experience in camouflage and education background. Infrared, camouflage patterns, competition, movement and Quantum Stealth. Camouflage for shadows, getting through motion sensors and heat detectors. Novel approaches to problems, quantum mechanics, patents, explanatory videos and using Quantum Stealth as a multi-projector

Ep.5 Yoga Socks At The Snipers Hide. Graeme Foote
Topics: Project Mapleseed vs Project Appleseed, becoming a Project Mapleseed instructor, using 22 Rifle & reinforcing positivity. PAL’s, Action Rifle Rimfire & different types of rifles. Shooting the Snipers Hide Cup, being a role model, confidence & mental management process. Shortening the process, Dunning-Kruger effect & continuous learning

Ep.6 How Are You Going To Intimidate Me With Words
Topics: Background on PPC and Canada vs US differences in PPC. Competing in Australia, mental preparations and training for competition, ammunition used and getting it to Australia. Length of the championship, number of competitors, courses of fire, positioning, keeping your teammate calm and providing positive feedback. Rankings, being in your own world, competitiveness and custom guns. Master instructor designation with FBI, repurposed FBI training for police agency and having a 90% hit ratio. Having suited skillsets, qualifying for police force and having a strong moral compass. Obstacles presented, motorcycle accident and traumatic brain injury.

Ep.7 Train Your Brain To Win
Topics: Mental marksmanship, what it means to be a subconscious shooter and unchecked self-image. Teaching the subconscious mind, muscle memory, not ingraining negativity to the subconscious and knowing the path to success. Small steps towards a win, if the same applies to a failure and not dwelling on failure. The mental process in before, during and after a match and tips and tricks to get to the end goal faster.

Ep.8 Train Your Brain To Win Part 2
Topics: Planning and practice before a match, how exercise, diet and sleep take part in preparation. Positive people and high achievers. In the moment shooting at the range, book of scores and keeping good mental management. Skipping basic training, self-fulfilling prophecy and pressure to preform. Wind at target vs. Wind at shooter, sucking it up or protesting a shot. After the match, mental debrief & celebrating. Getting back into the sport without putting out a mortgage to afford it, practicing dynamic skills on static ranges in Canada, IBI making pistol barrels and focus on keeping up with their current products

Ep.9 Grizzly Bear Attack
Topics: Working as a fishing guide, climbing Mount Doogie Dowler and  equipment packed for the trip. Bear sign, awareness levels, making a bear aware of you, bear spray, and readying defences. Bear attack, rescue help and recovery. Size, age and health of the bear, grizzly bear hunting in BC, and bear awareness and training.

Ep.10 Moose Underwear And Other Hunting Stories
Topics: Finding an area to hunt, putting in for LEH. previous hunting experiences, preparing for the hunt and delegating responsibilities. Enjoying the hunt even when not successful, character and willingness to help, setting up camp, bear encounter, and BC’s unique environment. Animals spotted, grouse hunting and ethics. Opportunity for a moose, being prepared for the shot, reaction of the animal, indication of a hit animal & importance of tracking. Using a cow call & seeing moose signs, covering lots of ground, approaching moose. group excitement, moose underwear, processing the moose and making the best of the meat. What the group would have done differently

Ep.11 Ethics And Insider Tips On How To Be A Hunter In Todays Urban Society
Topics: Commercial fishing, commercial guiding. Newcomers to hunting, etiquette, ethics, regulations, giving back to wildlife and knowing the synopsis. How to get into Bird Hunting in the Lower Mainland & building a relationship with a farmer, damage from birds to farmer’s crops, and waterfowl heritage days.  iHunter resource, hunters bickering with other hunters, mitigating public complaints, being friendly, educating the public, moving in a positive direction, success of hunting, experience Feeling remorse for the animal harvested and paying respects to the animal and numbers of CORE students going up.

Ep.12 Intro to 3 Gun And How To Be A Sponsored Shooter
Topics: What 3 Gun is, how to get into it, what to expect and kit required. Becoming a sponsored shooters, duties and responsibilities of being sponsored. Exercise, diet and having a good support team to stay competitive. Tips for bringing firearms across the border for competitions.

Ep.13 If You Aren’t Happy With How You Performed Yesterday, Do Better!
Topics: Coaching techniques, positive and negative modifiers and reaction time. Mental strength, empathy, pressure and humility. Competency in teaching and improvement, physical conditioning, caffeine and competitions.

Ep.14 Captain Of The Hunt
Topics: Marshall Lowen’s background, hunting, military background and love of marksmanship. Vancouver Metis Community Association, ethical hunting, parasitology, and hunting rituals. Being prepared on hunts and life lessons.

Ep.15 Insider Tips From Jimmy Hamilton Of Vortex Nation
Topics: Jimmy Hamilton’s history, operating during COVID, history of Vortex Optics, Vortex Nation Podcast, recommended optic for hunt in Canada, warranty and past claims. Product developments and what to expect from Vortex.

Ep.16 Firearms, Optics, And Equipment For New Hunters
Topics: Rifle purchase, waterfowl gun, caring for your firearm, common calibres and calibre accuracy, hunting gear, optic options, setup, use and accuracy of optics and binoculars. Silvercore Postal Shoot, knives, other hunting equipment like clothing and ancillary equipment.

Ep.17 Is Hunting And Fishing Considered Essential During The COVID Pandemic
Topics: COVID social distancing, affects on businesses, parks and hunting opportunities and isolation in other parts of the world. Hunting considerations, plans, adventures and social responsibilities.

Ep.18 The Science Of Violence With Dr. Geoffrey Desmoulin
Topics: COVID, preparedness and government assistance. Demand for firearms training and self sufficiency. Kinesiology, Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics, Biomechanical Engineering. Deadliest Warrior, Use of Force expert testimonies, officer involved shootings, GTD Scientific, and Science of Violence Course. Research in perception time, research and reaction time, and force science, effect of weapons, combative measures, injury causation and biomechanical modeling.

Ep.19 The Chasing Food Club With Jenny Ly
Topics: First hunt, Dunning-Kruger effect, ego in hunting, term Huntress and monetizing a passion for hunting. Chasing Food Club, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and game recipes.

Ep.20 Hunting Stories From The Mázawakȟaŋ
Topics: Indigenous vs. non-indigenous communities, group training, respect and possible gaps in understanding.  Becoming aquatinted with the indigenous communities to better understand. Native names, records, dwellings and understanding their language. Hunters giving away first animal, re-gifting, Ton, and cleansing.

Ep.21 New Rules Regarding Hunting During COVID & AMA Questions Answered
Topics: Hunting and fishing during COVID, youth getting into shooting or hunting, GPS vs. maps, optics costs, Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis, bridging the gap in firearms community and those with no appreciation of hunting or target sports. How to get into hunting, and getting firearms owners to stand up.

Ep.22 Ineffective Gun Control & Canadian Gun Ban
Topics: Reliable Gun history, hunting, COVID affects on business, OIC firearms ban, affects of the firearms ban, politics and banding together. Insights on firearms ban and stigma around firearms owners, statistics and firearms in the media. Hunting as an essential service and raising awareness.

Ep.23 Blood Tracking And Science Dogs
Topics: Science Dogs of New England, best breeds for tracking, training of dogs, regulations for using dogs to track. Most common animals found when tracking, tips for hunters to track their own game and ideal timeframe to track an animal after it’s shot. Requirements trackers have when tracking and training your own dog for tracking.

Ep.24 Emergency Preparedness And Becoming A Prepper
Topics: The Canadian Prepper Podcast, getting into the prepping world, how to prepare, security systems, stigma around being a prepper. Preparations during emergencies, skillsets to have, what to keep in a vehicle, physical and mental fitness. Taccom and Canadian Patriot Podcast.

Ep.25 Where To Hunt And Shoot With The iHunter App
Topics: iHunter app features, support on app for hunters, creation of the app, access in Canada and US. Finding time to hunt working full-time at iHunter. Burns map for mushroom hunters, online training, e-scouting, satellite imager and waypoints.

Ep.26 How To Tips From New Hunters And Finding A Dead Body
Topics: First time hunt, preparations, success hunting, lessons learned and research. Safety, retrieval, advice to a beginner, finding a mentor, patience in hunting and being comfortable with your firearm beforehand. Finding a dead body.

Ep.27 Cure For Canada’s Gun Ban
Topics: CSSA, Order in Council (OIC), prohibited firearms, and what’s best for firearms owners.

Ep.28 Pro Hunter Vs. Pro Guide, Hunting African And North American Game
Topics: Growing up and hunting in Africa, guided hunts in Africa vs. North America. Training as a professional guide and differences between a Professional Hunter vs. Professional Guide.

Ep.29 Tales Of Borrowed Guns And Pirate Ships
Topics: COVID’s affects on IBI, borrowing a gun, anti-piracy, Canadian gun ban, affects of gun ban on service rifle, CCFR court case. Precision Rifle Series (PRS) shooting.

Ep.30 Silvercore, Behind The Scenes
Topics: Building a business, working for someone else vs. self-employed. Valuing self worth in a business, focusing on building rather than money, specialized knowledge and quality products. Training your clients and negotiating agreement, putting out fires, dealing with stress, perspective, success and happiness. Everyday progression and swindled ideas, lost interest, laziness and helping other people

Ep.31 Bodyguard For Worlds Elite
Topics: Executive and close protection work, client confidentiality, connecting with the client. and protecting them. Working for Oprah, keeping up on your skillset, the toll on personal life and taking time to decompress.

Ep.32 April Vokey Of Anchored Outdoors
Topics: Turning passion into a multimedia empire and community, growing a following and marketing the brand, women in the commercial guiding fishing industry, dealing with insecurities and being headstrong, not being constrained by the business being built. How April jumped from guiding into being on TV and including family in the building of brand. What April see’s as Anchored Outdoors future and April’s advice to anyone looking to build their passion into a business.

Ep.33 Fly Fishing And Spey Fishing With Brian Niska Of Skeena Spey
Topics: Fish guiding, becoming a certified fishing instructor and master castor, Pieroway rods, fly fishing, trolling and spey casting, getting into spey fishing and equipment, types of people that get into fly fishing, fishing seasons in BC and etiquette.

Ep.34 SAS Selection and Other Stories
Topics: Getting into the British army, working as a civilian in Europe, what enlistment and training was like and the final exercise. Skiing for the British Army, SAS Selection, the hills and testing. The selection periods and process, as well as getting flagged OI1, what that meant and touring in Afghan. Skiing Mount Hector and listening to your inner voice.

Ep.35 Jet Boat Tours & Ghost Towns
Topics: What jet boat tours consist of, jet boating course, considerations prior to buying a jet boat and after. Tourism BC & ghost towns, research of other ghost towns, fish guiding. Accessing remote areas with a jet boat, jet boating course access for students, river changes & using caution. Issues on the river & decisions based on experience, reading the river

Ep.36 Rifle Accuracy and Precision, Your Questions Answered
Topics: Gain twist barrels, barrel consistency, schnabel’s, best length of a barrel for accuracy, bullet powder results, straight barrel bores, hummer barrels, optimal headspace, 6.5 PRC, grooves in a barrel and effects on accuracy, barrel break-in, IBI, seasoning a barrel, making competitive level barrels, Varmint/bull barrel vs. standard barrel for long range shooting, reloading solid copper bullets with a 1 in a 11 twist. Finding a good bullet for a barrel. Barrels for hunting set ups, fast twist 22lr barrels, Cold bore vs. Clean bore. Bore cleaning consistency and best practices. Fire lapping, Carbon ring. 11 degree target crown vs. 90 degree or other. Barrel vs. stock accuracy differences. Bedding vs. V-blocks, Torque settings, Loctite, barrel tuners, optimal load for a barrel, throat erosion and prevention. Moly coated bullets, increasing a premium barrel life span and Cryo-treating.

Ep. 37 Setting Your Sights on Your First Rifle – Tips for Buying The Right Firearm
Topics: The Silvercore Podcast, common questions, hunting highlights and hunting as a kid. Enjoying the process instead of focusing on a successful hunt & what you can control as a person. What firearms to buy as a new hunter, practicing with the firearm, waterfowl hunting and advocating for accessible hunting. Shooting a 22 & being a considerate shooter outdoors. Using high powered rifles and managing recoil. Calibre considerations for a new hunter and bullet coefficient and variations. The most versatile cartridge / calibre, buying a calibre for your son and recoil and flinch consideration. Getting help from a gun store and ammunition availability. New vs used and stainless vs blued firearm for your first gun. Future podcasts and where to reach Silvercore.

Ep. 38 Wild Sheep and Mountain Adventures
Topics: Kyle’s experience in sheep hunting and mountain adventures, allure of sheep hunting, alpinism and limitations. Accumulation of gear for sheep hunting and bringing excess gear. Guided sheep hunts and barriers to sheep hunting, Sheep species and opportunities, allotted time for sheep hunting. Kyles experience on a sheep hunt and pushing your limit, finding a good hunting partner for the hills. About the Wild Sheep Foundation and Wild Sheep Society, and current projects. 

Ep. 39 PTSD and Hunting Therapy with Todd Hisey of The Veteran Hunters
Topics: Todd’s experience with PTSD, being in the military, getting treatment for PTSD and Veteran Affairs Canada. Early effects of PTSD in hindsight and advice for others as well as the social stigma attached to PTSD and treatment. PTSD classification, civilians with PTSD and brain development, hunting, search for meaning and a place of peace. Neural plasticity and different therapies for PTSD and lastly, how Veteran Hunters got started and what they do.

Ep. 40 BC Women’s Fly Fishing
Topics: Catherine and Gillians childhood and fishing and the fly fishing calendar. Fishing January – March, March – April, April – November, 2021 Pinks from mid July to September, and fishing September – Christmas. New anglers and fishing regulations, how the women’s fly fishing group got started, having a mentor to show you the ropes. Men’s counterpart to women’s fly fishing group and learning to love the process of learning.

Ep. 41 Finding a Hunting Mentor with the First Hunt Foundation
Topics: Rick Brazell talks about the First Hunt Foundation and how it got started, costs and pushback from outfitters. Discussed are metrics collected, increased interest in hunting, as well as the costs of hunting. The R3 Movement, women hunting and learning where food comes from. How to become a mentor with First Hunt Foundation Mentorship and Master Hunter Program. What the future holds, coming back for a second, or more hunts, funding and donations to support the cause. Pushback, or lack thereof and bridging the gap between existing and new hunters

Ep. 42: Banning Airsoft and Handguns, How Firearms Owners Can WIN!
Topics: Travis and Dan’s first time meeting, Bill C-21, house of commons schedule, when the bill was introduced and how readings and committee works. Buyback, no buyback, rollback and mandatory seizure, rumoured election, minority governments. Dan’s prediction on what’s next with bill C-21 and next promises to anti-gun people. Perspective on gun laws, effects on ballot boxes, laws passed & original purpose of OIC. Bill C-21 concerns and what it means for non firearms owners, firearms owners, gun clubs and gun stores if it’s passed, culture around firearms, what happened with Molson Indy and how it compares to the gun ban.Fight between pro-gun, anti-gun, and people in between and their emotional, sometimes illogical arguments about firearms, Dan’s testimony on bill C-71, opposition and engagement on social media. Gun rights progress, US style rhetoric, separating people from the problem, asking questions and finding a solution to the real problem and majority of gun owners. Gun Control in Canada and perspective of safety first, the political standpoint & shifting what’s being said and where focus for public safety should be. Red flag and yellow flag laws, push back from Alberta and Trudeau’s response to get more votes, Replica firearms, consequences of prohibiting them and film industry, 12.7 and 12.6 firearms licences, impact of laws and legislation and amnesty period. Anti-gun and pro-gun on the same team of public safety.

Ep. 43: Lawyer Ian Runkle on Firearms Laws
Topics: Ian’s interest of Firearms Law and the way they are written, his YouTube channel Runkle of the Bailey, talking to the police and dangerous questions. Pocket knife for self defence and the centrifugal force, ATT condition challenge and AR-15 cases ending up in Supreme Court. Bringing a firearm to police for destruction and firearms found. Bill C-21, municipal handgun ban and criminals immune to being charged. Replica firearms, Airsoft and a police wishlist for things to ban. ADD / ADHD and becoming a lawyer. Storage of non-restricted firearms when hunting or for predator control. Other areas of laws that are “equally obtuse” and final comments from Ian.

Ep. 44: Wild Harvest Initiative
Topics: What sparked Shane’s journey as a conservationist, biggest challenges to lifestyle of sustainable use of wildlife and resources, desire of self-sufficiency, intention of the Wild Harvest Initiative. Data on available and harvested resources and supporters of Wild Harvest Initiative, how individuals can get involved and support the Wild Harvest Initiative. Establishing a new movement in society & what one person is capable of. Surveys being done on on hunters sharing wild meat and what the Wild  Harvest Initiative is about.

Ep. 45: Hank Shaw – Hook, Line and Supper
Topics: Increased attention / interest during COVID. Mushroom picking, hunting squirrels and the bubonic plague. Hanks background of foraging, gardening, angling and hunting, what brought Hank to write his books in the order that he did.Spanish classes & Mexican cooking, peoples fear of food, and sharing spots to mushroom pick or crab, etc. Shane Mahoney and having ‘skin in the game’ as a hunter, angler or forager, and tips for late onset hunters. Small game vs. big game and gamey meat and game care and Hanks new book & his social media platforms.

Ep. 46: Wild Sheep Society – Act Now – Predator Hunting
Topics: Social license to hunt, banning firearms and grizzly bear hunts, ActNow Campaign and properly managed wildlife. Pushback of predator hunting, rebuttal and being proactive for change. Firearms issues and privilege to hunt under attack. Fighting an emotional ban, response and scientific arguments, separating the hunter from the argument, trophy hunting vs poaching & 1Campfire and PR needed. E-Petition, offensive approach, the natural process and scientific emotion argument. Reframe on the firearms side, seeing the big picture and I Hunt.

Ep. 47: Surviving, Alone, Nikki van Schyndel
Topics: Nikki’s book and My Side of the Mountain, what living primitively was like for Nikki and what it was like growing up. What drove Nikki to live in the wild and the desire to continue on that path, being adopted and meeting her birth mother and feeling a level of connectedness. Difficulty socializing in groups after being alone so long and a change and love of people, some of the most difficult things Nikki found on Alone & quieting the mind. Filming the worst, best, and the in-between, being accident prone and having life changing experiences, healing wounds with sap and booby traps. Is Sasquatch real? Spiritual side to being in nature and Nikki’s experiences with animals, advice to people to strengthen their relationship with the outdoors. Tips for stalking an animal when you don’t want them to see you, Nikki’s near death experience, PTSD, healing in nature and her new business. Having a trapline and connecting more through hunting with the land, and rabbit as a primary source of protein and a re-feeding program.

Ep.48: Urban Awareness – Before the Incident –
Topics: Before the event, adjusting your mindset & scenarios to prepare you in the event of something bad occurring, Basic Colour Code system, colour code white and being aware of your surroundings, Code yellow, casual awareness and what that looks like and when you move into code orange, Moving from orange to red. Condition black, being overwhelmed by the environment and now frozen in a situation, and how to move back to code red. Looking at past footage of attacks, not putting yourself at risk by slowing down to film, criminals not planning further than their attack. Having mental triggers in code orange and different value systems. Mental tax, looking for the absence of what normal is, being prepared and looking for distinguishing features during the event. Hawk and doves, introspectively assess, and having a presence. Trusting your gut instinct, awareness in an urban environment and a normal value system. Tigers, gorillas and awareness of behaviours, tricks to keep you aware and develop an awareness. Run, hide, fight; mental role playing to be prepared to run. Assessing out of the ordinary, OODA loop, physical conditioning. Run and hide, cover and concealment and active shooter scenarios. Self defence, strength of the mind and listening to people who have been in those situations. Non-combatants, self fulfilling prophecies, action, reaction and result. Reading other peoples experiences, light state of code yellow and chances of it occurring again.

Ep.49: Lessons Learned Under Fire
Topics: Gear, junior and senior brecon and infantry training centre catterick, deployment and expectation of career advancements, junior and senior Brecon. Live fire tactical trainer, section commander, ego. Senior Brecon fan dance, Robbie Gilmour, training in Malawi Africa, and time in Afghanistan and ambush with the Taliban.

Ep. 50: Urban Awareness – During the Incident –
Topics: During, the execution of the plan & letting go of ego, unarmed civilian in society, limitations and physiological effects. Physical altercations, distance and tactical communication, exiting the situation, inner sheepdog’s, de escalation and getting physical. Meeting force with equal force is not enough and weapon of opportunity. Indicators you’re in code red, trusting your gut and what to expect in a situation, 1+1 rule, using your voice and the escape option. Using a weapon and recognizing that carrying a knife also arms the attacker. Experience of Jared from The Range Langley and what could have been done in the moment.
Ricochet rounds, considerations when planning and instinctive shooting. Liability to fight without emotion or ego in code red, tactical dithering and the WIN principle and turning fear into strength.

Ep. 51: Wild Harvest and From the Wild
Topics: Kevin’s friend Hank Shaw, Kevin’s background and how Paul and Kevin came up with Wild Harvest. Paul in front of a camera, background in foraging and time in the kitchen, Kevin’s cinematography and the creative process of creating dishes. A different approach compared to other shows, hardest areas to harvest wild food, other difficulties and how long it takes to film an episode. Advice for foraging for best success and value in being uncomfortable. Starting new hunters on small game, Paul’s favourite wild foraged foods to cook with and ethical harvesting. Increased interest in self sufficiency during COVID and sustainability, interconnectedness and where you can watch the show.

Ep. 52: Urban Awareness – After the Incident –
Topics:What happens after you win, 20-20 hindsight and survivors guilt, post incident effects, what to expect and a sense of pride. When law enforcement arrives and making a statement, talking to people that can relate and getting help for possible PTSD. Effects on people with different resiliencies and properly dealing with a high level stress incident experience, cumulative effects of not getting treatment, effects on those around you and self-fulfilling prophecies. Preparing for the long-term, criminal vs civil incidents and effects on veterans post war, what will and won’t help treatment and getting a second opinion. Recap of the after, being directly or indirectly involved and speaking to a lawyer.

Ep. 53: Firearms Legal Questions Answered
Topics: Frequently asked firearms legal questions; Are Canadian gun owners permitted to defend themselves with their firearms? And if so, in what situations? I own firearms that have been prohibited by the OIC.  I am moving, but the RCMP won’t issue me an ATT for those firearms.  Why not and how can I legally move them? Is a loaded side saddle or ammo pouch attached to a firearm considered “loaded”? Is using your vehicle as a steady rest when hunting considered shooting from a vehicles (ie. standing outside and resting a rifle on the hood)? Whats is a replica firearm? What is happening with the OIC firearms prohibition? What are the main points of concern regarding the proposed BC firearms law? If brass knuckles are illegal, why are carabiners, an eskimo ulu or scissors held backwards not illegal? What would it take for Canada to recognize suppressors as safety equipment like many other countries? Why are .32 and .25 calibre handguns illegal when the law leaves out the decimal place and lists 32 and 25 calibre? From the firearms act, it looks like gun racks are legal, provided a licensed PAL holder is in the vehicle and the non-restricted firearm is unloaded. Would there be any charges for “disturbing the public peace” and if so how could a legal act be disturbing? Is it true that there are some firearms that do not require a firearms licence if they are antique? The 10/22 butler creek magazines can’t be purchased in Canada anymore, apparently due to a police bulletin.  Is that legal, and what should be done if someone owns those magazines? Why can I legally load more than 10 9mm rounds in a Glock 22 magazine, and shoot it in a 9 mm Glock, but I would be breaking the law if I I loaded more than 10 in a Glock 17 magazine? Why won’t the RCMP issue an ATC for protection of life, the legal framework exists but seems illusory? Why are some knives illegal to import but not illegal to own in Canada? What would happen if someone used “dog spray” on a human in self defence? Is a zap strap or zip tie considered a legal secure locking device? Federal paramountcy in laws, laws in conflict and what that really means, Ian’s Patreon account, expenses for research tools and resources and applying for a firearm business licence to do ballistic testing, and Officer presence, camera’s, prohibited items and dreams.

Ep. 54: Hunting Calibre and Cartridge Selection 101
Topics: What to look at in different cartridges and calibre from an introductory perspective and ethical distances to shoot at, how bullet kills an animal; hydraulic shock, hydrostatic shock and hypovolemic shock. Yaw, history of full metal jacket, conical and pointed bullets and change in centre of gravity. 30-06 Cartridge, good cartridges at 200 yards; 270 Winchester, 280 Remington, 30-06, 308 Winchester. Bullet construction, angles, monolith bullets, importance of bullet weight, diameter, velocity and shot placement and handloading, ammunition. Sectional density, ballistic coefficient, classes of game and ammunition density, heavy slow bullets, energy transference, doubling the weight of the projectile or doubling the speed. The short answer to ‘what should I buy’, Newton’s 3 laws, recoil & fitting the gun to you, hunting dangerous game, standard calibres, adequate calibres at distances and projectile energy at distances. Accuracy of 308 Winchester vs 30-06, 6.5 Creedmoor vs 6.5 PRC, energy transference to the animal, tracking and shot placement, shot placement with bear hunting and blood poisoning.

Ep. 55: Warrior Mindset with ERT/SWAT Team Leader (ret.) Seb Lavoie
Seb’s background, company and martial arts. Mental resiliency, positive and negative stresses, anticipation, compounding events, mindset and enhancing mental resiliency. Feeling like an imposter, earning a rank and effects of stressful workplace on people. Warrior mindset vs metal resiliency, support, disablers, diversity of thoughts in problem solving, stopping the divide and not downplaying actions. Fairness in reporting, divisiveness in people, accountability and repercussions. RCMP taking responsibility, creating a culture of ownership and accountability. Social licence to operate and a misguided approach to ownership of responsibility. COVID vaccinations, conveyed information, positive synergy and taking action within your own organization. Leadership vs. management and front loading positive affirmations, sense of purpose and engagement and the pursuit of excellence. Knowledge, decision making and enjoying the journey, Seb’s future goals and what he’d talk about on a future podcast.

Ep. 56: Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance with Jeff Agostinho
Topics: About Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance, Jeff’s experience hunting mountain goats and the importance of properly sexing mountain goats, How to identify goats, goat population and biggest threats to goats. Alberta goat hunting moratorium and dedicated time for hunts. Complete A-Z what kit to bring on a mountain hunt, Medical kit, Food, Rifle, fire maker and other odds and ends. Winter mountain hunt story and what Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance does and how to get involved

Ep.57: Brad Brooks from Argali
Topics: The origins of Argali, growing up in Idaho and hunting. Brad’s past work, education, grand ideas and follow through. Rock climbing, balance in life, hunting with kids, having a business, schedule balancing, making your passion your work creating products and the Kodiak belt. Mark Twight philosophy,  pushing yourself and introvert content creators. Essential equipment for self filming, creating content that’s unique and personable. Monetization of the show, brand’s and gear for multi-day hunts.

Ep.58: British Special Forces Commando and Corporate Spy
Topics: Sonny’s background and interest in violence and fighting, joining the military and creating containment. The selection process, mental preparation and physical conditioning. Sonny’s advice to others for selection or personal difficulties. Sonny’s set of rules, in front of the camera, self defence without fighting. Situational awareness, knife crime, being a corporate spy. Privacy and social media, digital algorithms and violence mitigation and top tips from Sonny. Eye contact, sizing people up for threats, deterrent techniques and gangs in London. Establishing a baseline and reflectional look backs. Avoidance and detection of weapon use by opponents and pocket knives. Holding the line, personal privacy and having objective conversations. online training.

Ep.59: Matt Mendel of Wanstalls
Topics: Wanstalls history, Matt’s joining of Wanstalls and social media, going from an employee to an owner and lessons learned at a young age. Gunsmithing, working at Canada Ammo, biggest challenges, social media, videos. Different types of people buying firearms during COVID, firearm regulations, grey areas and protecting your business from legal issues. Advice for people getting into a firearms business and pivoting in the industry. Why do we eat our own in the firearms industry and the effects of the OIC and COVID on Wanstalls. Growing Wanstalls social media, advice for others and Canadian Gun Nutz. Finding people to work at Wanstalls

Ep 60: Catching up with April Vokey
Adventure and how April define’s it, near death experiences and self preservation after kids. Feelings of missing out given responsibility at a young age and April’s drive to work and lockdowns in Australia. Being a role model shaping behaviour and stirring the pot. Podcasts, clickbait, driving traffic with use of imagery and long-term approach. Authenticity, high quality products and accepting feedback. Podcasts, ideal guest, interviewing style and the magic moments in podcasts. Energy during podcasts, pigeonholed and breaking away from that. ADHD, difficulty switch gears and being more primitive. Difficulties in traditional school system and moving to running training companies & April’s political opinions


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