September 19, 2019

2019-2020 Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit Information

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Waterfowl Season is upon us! We’re so excited it feels like Christmas morning, anyone else with us?

To hunt migratory birds in Canada, one must possess: 

1) A valid Migratory Game Hunting permit

2) A Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp attached to or printed on the permit

These documents are issued by the federal government and are valid across all provinces and territories. Be careful though, as most provinces and territories have additional and specific, and potentially different, licence requirements for hunting migratory birds and carrying firearms.

To know what is required from you, we highly recommend checking and verifying all applicable regulations for the province or territory where you will be conducting your hunt. Additionally, different municipalities may have additional restrictions on discharging firearms. Note that all required permits and licences must be in your possession while you are hunting.

There are three ways to buy your 2019-2020 Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permits:

1) Online

2) At a Canada Post office

3) At a local independent vendor

To learn more about the hunting regulations for Migratory Birds for the British Columbia 2019-2020 season, please head to the government website. Are you going hunting with a group? The permit system will allow you to buy one or multiple permits at the same time! 

Another fun thing you can participate during this season is the Waterfowl Heritage Days! These are days that are intended for young hunters under the age of 18. Waterfowl Heritage Days are designed to teach children about wildlife conservation, safe hunting habits, and much more! Learn more about Waterfowl Heritage Days here

Silvercore Tip: Try tucking your pants into your socks before donning your chest waders, it’s an easy way to avoid having your pants bunch up!


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