November 22, 2018

New Website Announcement!

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Silvercore is proud to announce that we have launched a new website! Over the past year, we have listened to our Silvercore community who has provided us with feedback and recommendations and we’re happy to have had the support of everyone to be able to create a website that not only showcases what we at Silvercore are all about but also helps provide our community with a great user experience.

Below are features that are currently available on the new website:

  1. Access to bookings. Students are now able to see when, where, and for what date they have made their booking. It will also show students what time their class starts and ends. Visit your Bookings page here:
  2. Reminder Emails For Students. Two days before the scheduled start of your course students will receive a booking reminder from our automatic system outlining all pertinent information ensuring students are well prepared for the course to begin.
  3. Order information. Ever need an invoice or receipt and lose track of it? Well, now you can breathe easy because you can review all orders under your account here:
    You are now able to view all of your orders and their respective details, including but not limited to:

    1. Order number
    2. Order date
    3. Product purchased
    4. The total cost of the product
    5. Method of payment
    6. Billing details

  4. Account Details. Unlike the old system students no longer have to call in when their contact details change. Students can now easily change their personal information, email address, phone number, Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) Number, account password, and any other details by logging into their account and clicking on ‘Account Details’, here:
  5. Auto-Renewal for Members. Have you been a Silvercore Gun Club Member before? Ever worry about forgetting to stay compliant with the Canadian Firearms Program’s (CFP) requirements to keep a valid membership in order for your long-term Authorization to Transport (ATT)  on your PAL to be valid? Now there’s no more stressing or forgetting, you can set-up auto-renewal automatically through the website. Just choose the number of years you wish to purchase and join  (keep in mind that if you choose something like 2 years with auto-renewal, then you will pay for 2 years and then the system will auto-renew for another 2 years). Before payment is completed it will confirm when your first auto-renewal will take place.
  6. Reminder Emails for Members. Don’t want to have auto-renewal? Not a problem, our new system will send you reminding you to renew your membership on time. All you need to do is remove your card details from the ‘Payment Method’ section of your account to discontinue any auto-renewal:
  7. Member Benefits. What benefits do you get as a member? Now there’s no more guessing or calling in for more information. You can view all Silvercore Club Member benefits and how you can get them by logging into your account and accessing the ‘Member Benefits’ section under your account. Member benefits are frequently updated to include and adjust both new and old discounts, so we recommend checking this frequently!
  8. Access of Membership Letter and Membership Card.  You can now easily access your membership letter from your account under the ‘Downloads’ section immediately after payment is processed, no more waiting for an email to be sent with the letter! The Membership Letter is available here:
    We now also offer a wallet-sized membership card for individuals that wish to have proof of their membership with them without having to carry around a full-size letter, in case you need to show proof of a valid Gun Club Membership. Not only can you print these directly from your account, but you can also download it and save it by clicking the ‘Print’ option and choosing from your computer options.
  9. Access to Liability Insurance Letter for Members.  One of the great perks of being a Silvercore Member is the North American wide liability insurance that covers for both hunting and shooting related activities. Hunters may want or even need, proof of liability insurance when hunting in specific areas. You can access this by clicking on your ‘Downloads’ and then downloading the Insurance Certificate which goes over not only the type of coverage but also contact details should you ever need to make a claim:
  10. Online Courses. Have you ever taken an Online Course with Silvercore before through the old system? If you have, then you know how much of a hassle it was to follow the link in the email provided and use the auto-generated password to login to do your online course. Access to online courses is much simpler now! Just log in to your account on and then access ‘My Online Courses’ to see any online courses you have purchased. From there you can access your online course content and track your progress. When you complete your course, you’ll even have a generated completion certificate to look forward to!
  11. Online Waiting List. We now have waiting list sign up for when the course you may be interested in isn’t currently being offered. This way we can stay in touch and let you know when it’s offered next.
  12. Newsletter Signup. Ever wonder how you could signup for our bi-weekly newsletter which includes updates on upcoming courses (including recently released course dates), discounts for members (and even students), events or Monthly Giveaway Winners and other news? Now you can easily signup through the website Newsletter Signup Form.
  13. Frequently Asked Questions. If you’ve ever had a hard time finding the information you’re looking for, we know what it’s like, that’s why we have included an FAQ on each course page of our website so that the questions you are most interested in can be answered right away.
  14. Careers Page. Is working with Silvercore something you’ve ever been curious about? We regularly update our careers page for any new or already existing positions we are hiring for.
  15. Blog Posts. On our old website we never had any blog posts and now we are thrilled to say we do! Blog posts will allow us to stay in touch with the people that matter most; our students and members.

Wondering what happened to your account with the launch of the new website? All members that had a current membership were merged over to our new system, but members whose membership had expired were not and will need to create a new account. Students were unable to be ported over and thus will also need to create a new account for future registrations of courses. If you had a valid membership and your emailhasn’tt changed, you’ll need to reset your password using the ‘lost your password?‘ feature and access your account from there after resetting it.

Got questions about the new website? Contact us!


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