November 22, 2018

New Website Announcement!

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Silvercore is proud to announce that we have launched a new website! Over the past year, we have listened to our Silvercore community who has provided us with feedback and recommendations and we’re happy to have had the support of everyone to be able to create a website that not only showcases what we at Silvercore are all about but also helps provide our community with a great user experience.

Below are features that are currently available on the new website:

  1. Access to bookings. Students are now able to see when, where, and for what date they have made their booking. It will also show students what time their class starts and ends. Visit your Bookings page here:
  2. Reminder Emails For Students. Two days before the scheduled start of your course students will receive a booking reminder from our automatic system outlining all pertinent information ensuring students are well prepared for the course to begin.
  3. Order information. Ever need an invoice or receipt and lose track of it? Well, now you can breathe easy because you can review all orders under your account here:
    You are now able to view all of your orders and their respective details, including but not limited to:

    1. Order number
    2. Order date
    3. Product purchased
    4. The total cost of the product
    5. Method of payment
    6. Billing details

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