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CORE Course Challenge - CORE Hunter Education Course Challenges - Online Registration
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Silvercore now offers CORE exam challenges after every CORE Hunter Education course as well as our head office located in Delta on a regular basis. Contact us for available dates or register online below.

We offer CORE challenges on Vancouver Island. To book a challenge in Victoria or Nanaimo, please call the Silvercore offices to complete your registration.

  • None for CORE challenges, but, to be successful, completion of the Silvercore Online CORE Course is highly recommended
  • To be exempted from the Firearm handling section of the exam, you must present a valid CFSC Course Report or be a former Silvercore CFSC student. You must provide proof indicating that you have passed the CFSC/CRFSC to be exempted from the Firearms handling portion of the exam.
  • Equipment:
  • Writing Material
  • One piece of government issued identification
  • A copy of your valid CFSC Course Report Form
  • Overview:
    For those with a history of safe and responsible firearms handling skills, combined with the knowledge of all course material, the option to challenge the course is available.


  • CORE Hunter Education Course Challenge $30 / required test (written / practical)
  • Caveats

  • Both written and practical tests must be completed when re-testing the CFSC or CRFSC
  • No instruction or refreshers will be given prior to challenging the course
  • No coaching will be given during the testing
  • Challenges are made by appointment only
  • Minimum government standards must be achieved to be successful, full stop.
  • It is the students responsibility to be fully versed in the material and testing standards prior to attending a challenge.
  • Remember, if you are unsure if you are prepared enough to challenge, you very likely aren't.
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