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Combatives Level 1
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Real world self defence techniques which can be replicated under stress and used to defend yourself against armed and unarmed attacks.
  • An able body and sound mind
  • Permission from a physician should be sought if an underlying medical condition exists that would compromise a student's health during aggressive activity.
  • Equipment:


  • Personal protective equipment such as cup, mouthguard, and forearm pads is highly recommended and will contribute to a more dynamic experience.
  • Clothing:

  • Pants with pockets such as Tac-pants (no jeans) and a t-shirt.
  • Overview:

    Silvercore's training is approved and recognized through HRDC

    Anyone over the age of 16 who takes a course with Silvercore which either enables them to work or improves their skills in a recognized occupation may be eligible to claim their course fees under the education and textbook tax credits. Contact us for your T2022A tax form and check out Canada Revenue for further information

    Course Overview

    Combatives / personal defensive tactics are raw, aggressive techniques for dealing with interpersonal violence in an immediate, effective manner. Learn to defend yourself from various armed and unarmed attacks efficiently and effectively with the ability to replicate under the physiological effects of imminent danger.

    Course content includes:

    Combatives are powerful, simple, efficient, easy to learn techniques that can be retained under stress. Nothing that cannot be reproduced by the average individual under stress will be trained. All techniques will rely on gross motor movement, economy of motion, and commonality with other movements to enable quick retention and progression. Skills are intentionally focused to reduce the number of decisions having to be made under stress, allowing speed of reaction time to increase and potential for a successful outcome to be increased. Combatives can be considered a complete defensive skill-set or can complement training in any martial art.

    Skills practiced will include:

  • Empty hand strikes
  • Knife work
  • Baton deployment and use
  • Gun disarming and tactics
  • Legal considerations
  • Survival mentality
  • Conflict avoidance strategies
  • Examining pre-incident threat cues
  • Post incident strategies
  • Combative's training is inherently physical by nature and carries with it the possibility injury or death. Students are required to sign a waiver prior to attending. For those concerned with the above, Silvercore recommends that third party insurance be purchased through an authorized insurance agency prior to attending.

    *** This course contains graphic content ***

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    I really enjoyed the course and felt I learned some pretty good techniques from it. I would also like to say that the instructors did an excellent job to keep everyone engaged, learning and having a good time, they made all skill levels feel comfortable and the techniques were pretty straight forward and easy for anyone to pick up. ...more – Dave S

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