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IPSC Black Badge Course - IPSC Canadian National Training Program - Black Badge
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Silvercore is proud to offer the International Practical Shooting Confederation's (IPSC) Canadian National Training Program - Black Badge Course through Murray Gardner. Murray brings over 40 years of experience in competitive pistol shooting and is a cofounder of IPSC Canada. The course is used to train competitors in our sport and give them the basic skills necessary to participate in IPSC competitions. A manual is provided to assist the students and will be used as a reference throughout the course.

The Black Badge course teaches a combination of safety, proficiency, and understanding of the rules. The progression of skills will be learned by:

  • Reading the materials that are provided with this course.
  • Observing techniques demonstrated by the instructor.
  • Doing the techniques under the close supervision of the instructor.
  • To register, please visit Murray Gardner to book a course.

  • A valid PAL License
  • Please refer to the Extreme Pistol Equipment Checklist for more information
  • Equipment:
  • Your own pistol, holster, magazines, and magazine pouches. This Extreme Pistol Equipment Checklist will help you sort it out. (If necessary, I can supply you with all the equipment you need and give you direction on getting ammunition. Call me to discuss at 604-889-3822 between 8AM and 6PM please.)
  • Ammunition (min 350 rounds)
  • Any applicable range fees (i.e. day card fees)
  • Refreshments, appropriate clothing to the weather, etc.
  • Overview:

    For more information and registration, please visit Murray Gardner's home page by following the link.

    The course runs on weekends from 9am to 4pm. In that time, you will learn the skills required to participate in IPSC style competitions. Upon completion of the course the students will be very safe and sufficiently proficient to allow them to compete in competitions at local clubs and at Provincial and National events. They will be known as qualified IPSC competitors and are entitled to a certificate, a numbered “Black Badge” and to participate in all sanctioned IPSC events.

    The course takes place on the range and will build all of the practical skill and theoretical knowledge required by IPSC. These include but are not limited to:

  • Drawing from a holster
  • Reloading
  • Reloading on the move
  • Moving with a firearm
  • Shooting strong and weak handed
  • Shooting from various positions
  • *This training is being offered by a third party institution and is in no way property of nor does it constitute any binding responsibility or obligation on behalf of Silvercore Advanced Training Systems. Silvercore Advanced Training Systems Ltd. and Silvercore Gun Club are acting as a third party provider of referrals for this training. As such, neither Silvercore Advanced Training Systems Ltd. nor Silvercore Gun Club are liable to uphold any agreement between any individual/company and Murray Gardner. Silvercore Advanced Training Systems Ltd. and Silvercore Gun Club will not be held responsible for any consequences of such an agreement. Silvercore Advanced Training Systems Ltd., Silvercore Gun Club and Murray Gardner retain the right to change the course offering at any time without any prior notice.

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